Car Insurance can be customized to your needs. Discover the insurance most suited to you.

Just like cars, auto insurance is not all the same.

Auto Insurance is insurance that can be customized to your needs.

What are the most common covers:

Civil Liability (RC): Companies assume the value of the losses you cause to other people, property or vehicles, in cases of accidents resulting from your responsibility (under the law).

Property Damage (PD): Includes coverages for Impact, Collision and Rollover, Fire, Lightning or Explosion, Theft or Robbery, Phenomena of Nature and Acts of Vandalism.

Occupants and Driver: Protection for you and the people traveling with you i.e. in the event of a traffic accident, the people traveling in your car will be entitled to payment of compensation for death or permanent disability, treatment expenses and funeral expenses.

Travel Assistance: Assistance for your automobile and occupants within the contracted limits.

Legal Protection: Legal support for your defense in criminal proceedings or claim for damages in case of accident.

Glass Breakage: Guarantees the replacement or repair of your automobile’s glass, provided that the damage is limited exclusively to the vehicle’s glass.

Replacement Vehicle for Breakdown: When the insured vehicle is not repairable on the day of immobilization due to breakdown in Portugal, the companies will pay for the rental of a light passenger vehicle.


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