Health insurance plans insure people from a family or a company you may have. Find the right insurance in your case

Nowadays, a good way to retain employees is through the social beneficiaries delivered by the company.

Health insurance is one of the benefits most appreciated by the Portuguese in terms of remuneration policy.

If you want a group insurance, it has lower premiums (prices) than in the individual insurance market.

Companies can deduct in the IRC tax the health insurance expenses for employees.

Hospitalization is the basic coverage of health insurance, always present in policies. With capital between 5 and 500 thousand euros, it allows the access to a private hospital or clinic in case of hospitalization or need for surgical intervention.

Outpatient coverage is one of the most appreciated by policyholders, which provides access to general or specialty consultations, treatments and auxiliary diagnostic tests.

Each coverage has its annual usage limit per person.



Insurance Companies are

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