Work Insurance

Work Insurance

The work compensation insurance, guarantees the liability of the employer for accidents with their workers. It is obliged by law to all employers. Find the right insurance for your case.

Insurance against accidents at work guarantees the eventual liability of the employer for accidents occurring with its workers, in the performance of their professional activity.

It also guarantees thecalled “route risk”, that are, accidents that occur on the way to and from the workplace.

What are the coverages?


In-kind (unlimited value)-Medical nature.


-Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals and any others, as long as they are necessary and adequate to restore the state of health and the work or gain capacity of the victim and their recovery to active life.

In cash (part-time benefits are calculated based on the remuneration that would be earned as if it was full-time).
• Absolute permanent disability;

• Absolute permanent incapacity for usual work;

• Partial permanent incapacity;

• Absolute temporary incapacity;

• Partial temporary disability;

• Subsidy for high permanent disability;

• Subsidy for housing rehabilitation;

• Supplementary provision for assistance from a third person.

• Death pensions.

• Death grants and funeral expenses

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Work Insurance

Work Insurance

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