Lusitania Hunter

Lusitania Hunter

Hit the nail on the head with Lusitania Hunter!


Focus on hunting, Lusitania Hunter take care of everything else!

Focus on hunting, while the insurance antecipates from the unexpected risks in the field and while hunting, with the best protection for your weapons and material damage or bodily injuries caused on thirds, by you, your (beaters), and your loyal hunting partners, your dogs.


Documents needed for the insurance hiring of Lusitania Hunter:

To hire an insurance you need the following documents:

– Personal Identification (BI / TIN / Citizen Card);

– Hunter card and hunting license (for RC hunting);

– Registration of weapon ownership (for RC Weapons);

– License to use and carry weapons (for RC Weapons);

– Dogs license and registration (if damage coverage for hunting dogs is contracted).


If you’re a hunter and need protection, don’t hesitate to contact us!