Allianz Car Insurance

The best way to protect your car, as well as its occupants, is to have a good insurance at the extent of what you really need.

R2 in partnership with Allianz Portugal, offer you the Allianz Auto insurance, a car insurance that presents 6 options of covers for passenger cars, with different levels of protection, allowing you to choose an adequate insurance for your needs:

  • 2 Liability options (RC Base and RC Plus) in which Allianz bears the cost of damage caused to other people, property or vehicles, in case the accidents are of your responsibility (under the law);
  • 4 Damage Waiver options (RC Total Loss, DP Base, DP Plus and DP Plus with no deductible) in which Allianz, in addition to assume the cost of the damage caused to third parties can also assume the cost of repair of your car*.

And they even give an additional discount for the 2nd insured car in Allianz.

* The RC Total Loss only guarantees payment in case of accident with total loss of the vehicle.




  • Roadside Assistance, very complete – In the event of an accident or a fault with your vehicle and need towing, emergency repair , transport or repatriate or if you want to obtain the appropriate assistance to the occupants , just call 800 201 833 in Portugal , or +351 21 004 92 91 from abroad ( in case of breakdown or accident towing of your vehicle to a workshop of your choice or , if possible , repair on site in case of a puncture , they help you replacing a flat tire, if it lacks fuel, they will pick you up , if you leave your keys locked inside the car, they help you recover them;
  • Courtesy Car – if you have a malfunction in your vehicle in Portugal, Allianz Auto (options RC Plus, and DP Plus) guarantees you a car to replace for the period of repair of your vehicle up to a maximum of five days;
  • Bonus Policy – Allianz Auto rewards good drivers with an increase in discounts each year in which they do not notify claims of his responsibility. This bonus will increase until it may reach a maximum of 55%;
  • Discount for second family vehicle – If you hire a second policy insuring another passenger car, you will benefit from an additional discount on this new policy;
  • The Assistance Sinister Automotive Service (A.S.A.) puts at your disposal, 24 hours a day, a group of technicians that will guide you in the event of an accident. Just a phone call and your questions will be aswered, and still be followed in filling the Friendly Statement. In some parts of the country (Lisbon and Oporto), ASA also offers help of a technician at the scene of the accident;
  • A network of quality workshops that offers you a courtesy vehicle for the day of expertise and the repair time (DP Mais coverage).

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