Allianz Stomatology Insurance

Allianz Stomatology Insurance

Finally we made a page on one of the most successful insurance companies in Portugal.

What is it?

It is a cheap insurance that ensures Stomatological prevention and the remaining treatments at low cost and now with a new , you can use ocular protheses network.

What is it for and how much does it cost?

The Insurance is Dental from Allianz Insurance Company and for 7 € per month, it offers prevention, in other words, cleaning, scaling and the application of fluoride. This is the best part of the insurance. Making prevention regularly (once or twice a year) major problems are avoided, which lead to treat, rip and replace the teeth and have high costs.

It can be said that the insurance "obliges" to do prevention, although the insurance does not compel anything, but if a person is paying, usually feels obliged to go to prevention and thus able to continue with healthy teeth year after year.

The network has access to agreed prices according to the following table (the values indicated are borne by the insured person).

Where to use it?

The network is very wide and can be consulted HERE.

In Lisbon we have some clinics from which we have received good references and 0! complaints. Here they are:

May family be included?

Yes, can and should. For every additional person the additional premium lowers because the discount increases. Child under 13 years, including these, don't pay the insurance, as long as they belong in the same policy as their relatives.

Other alternatives

There are other companies that have this kind of insurance. This is the simplest (no other associated coverage) and cheapest.

If you want to subscribe to it or if you want more information or alternatives CONTACT US.

Aditional information

Insurance's Information Note.