AutoEstima Auto Loyalty Plan

The Self-Esteem Plan

An innovative and affordable solution for those who have a car between 4 and 15 years old and want own damage insurance.
The older a car is, the more attention it needs. With the Autoestima plan, your car is protected with an insurance capital 70% of its market value. In case of accidents, the repair is done in the exclusive network of Autoestima workshops selected by Fidelidade.

Comprehensive Protection

Your car is protected up to the limit of the insured capital (70% of the vehicle's value)


Simulate. For less than you think, you can have insurance with Own Damage protection.

Mobility in 1st place

In case of an accident, the Autoestima Plan always privileges the repair of your car and provides a courtesy vehicle. The repair will always be done at an Autoestima workshop.

Quality Assistance

The Autoestima workshop network guarantees you adequate levels of service and quality assistance throughout the country.

Exclusive Procurement Service

In case of a total loss, you can count on our support in finding an equivalent car.

A unique network of workshops

In case of an accident, the Autoestima network gives you:
- Two years warranty on any repairs made;
- A courtesy vehicle;
- Cleaning and washing your vehicle;
- Verification of water and oil levels.



Additional Information

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