Allianz Home

Allianz Home Insurance

In order to insure the walls or the filling of the house or apartment, Allianz, together with R2 gives you the opportunity to join the Allianz House Insurance.


  • Tailor-made - Allianz Home offers you the possibility to choose the level of protection you want and need;
  • Assistance Services. With Allianz Home, you will have at your disposal a wide range of assistance services which will help you in various situations in the day-to-day life of your home.
  • Easy Membership. Contact us for a simulation.
  • No Deductibles. In the event of a claim, deductibles only apply to cover for Earthquake Phenomena and Acts of Terrorism.
  • Automatic Update of Capitals. The capitals are updated automatically.
  • Absence of the proportional rule. Indicate the area of your house and Allianz will determine its value. In this case you do not run the risk of declaring a lower value than the real one and therefore you will never have to answer for part of the losses.
  • A quality commercial accompaniment. We will be the ones to help you in case of a claim.

*This rule applies when the insured capital is insufficient, i.e. the value of the loss is greater than the capital indicated in the contract. In these situations the company pays a compensation proportional to the insured capital and the rest is borne by the Client. - Read more about the rule of proportionality on the reconstruction value.

Allianz Home Covers and Capabilities

This table shows the differences in coverage between the various options. All other coverage is the same for any of the plans.
Aesthetic damage2500€5000€7500€
Property owner's liability25000€50000€100000€
Damage to Landlord's Property2500€5000€7500€
Meteorite falls100% capital insurance100% capital insurance
Theft of money150€250€
Electrical Risks2500€5000€
Vandalism, terrorism or public order disturbances100% capital insurance100% capital insurance
Vehicles in garage30% of the insured capital, maximum 50000
It does not dispense with consulting the complete table of coverages


You can choose a modality with or without deductibles, whereby Seismic Phenomena and Acts of Vandalism always have deductibles of 5% or 10% of the Insured Capital.

What It Doesn't Guarantee

What is not included in Allianz Home Insurance?

There are events that are not included in the contract you have made with Allianz Portugal. Among others, we can highlight damage caused by the fact that taps have been left open or due to natural wear and tear on materials, for example, electrical installations or water pipes.

These are just a few examples, the full list of situations that do not give rise to indemnity can be found in the General Conditions of the Policy.

How and when is the value of my house updated?

The value of your home corresponds to the insured capital. This is automatically updated, on the annual renewal date of your contract, according to the index published quarterly by the ASF (Insurance and Pension Funds Authority).

In case of a claim, what to do?

Whenever an accident covered by the Insurance Contract happens inside your home you must:

Formalize as soon as possible, without exceeding the deadline of 8 days, the occurrence of the accident, filling out the respective report.

In case of theft, you must also report the event to the competent authorities.

You should always pay attention to the obligations that your contract establishes, namely the measures to be taken in order to contain the aggravation of the losses.

In the event of a claim, what portion of the expenses will be borne by me (deductible)?

Allianz House: Allianz guarantees practically all payments within the scope of the claim, so that in most situations you will not have to spend your money to face the losses, except for the coverage of Seismic Phenomena, in which case you will have to pay part of the claim which will be 5% or 10% of the insured capital.


It benefits from access to a set of assistance services, through nº 213 165 300.

Home Assistance:

Repair or Replacement of Electrical Appliances

Repair and replacement of the following appliances, to a maximum of 300 Euros:

  • Refrigerator or freezer;
  • Washing machine and/or dryer;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Vitroceramic and/or Induction hobs;
  • Oven and/or microwave;
  • Extractor and/or hood;
  • Electric water heaters and boilers.

Sending the Technician for Repair of Home Appliances

Sending a technician to repair the following appliances:

  • Refrigerator or freezer;
  • Washer and/or dryer;
  • Dishwasher;
  • Glass ceramic plates;
  • Oven and/or microwave;
  • Kitchen exhaust fan;
  • Televisions;
  • DVD/Blue-Ray player;
  • DVD/Blue-Ray Recorder;
  • Home cinema kit;
  • Hi-Fi equipment.

Computer Assistance

This service makes available to the Client:

  • Advice on solving technical problems;
  • Assistance in the use of computer applications;
  • Configuration of applications and equipment;
  • Assistance in accessing and using the Internet.

DIY Services

Includes DIY services such as fitting fittings or grouting damaged bathtub joints, maximum of 1 service/year, 3 hours.

Legal Protection

Allianz Portugal undertakes to ensure the defense in civil or criminal proceedings of the Insured Persons for facts that are not intentional, in which they are accused of committing an illegality, infraction, misdemeanor and/or crime, related to the use of the insured home, while:

  • Tenant;
  • Owner or Usufructuary;
  • Condominium owner.

Limit of Indemnity: 1 case/year with a maximum of 1.250 Euros.

Additional Information

See the insurance Informative Note.