Allianz Hybrid

Insurance Linked to Investment Funds ICAE - Structured Savings Fund. Savings and Investment in a single insurance.

Allianz Home

Allianz multi-risk insurance for your home, very comprehensive, with great price and excellent coverage.

Allianz Condominium

Condominium Multi-risk Insurance to protect your building!

Allianz Health Insurance

Because your health is a priority for Allianz

Allianz Stomatology Insurance

We have finally made a page about one of the most successful insurances in Portugal.

Allianz R2 Insurance 1

Founded in 1890, Allianz has been with its clients for 119 years.

Allianz works on the basis of values such as:

  • Solidity
  • Integrity
  • Trust

The values for Allianz are evidenced in the systematic practice of proximity to its customers.

The greatest commitment for Allianz is to work hard and competently to bring its policyholders the best products and services.

Allianz currently has more than 80 million customers.

Allianz is among the group of insurers with the best solvency ratios worldwide.

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The Allianz Group is a global financial services provider with services predominantly in the insurance and asset management business.

More of 85 million retail and corporate clients in more than 70 countries rely on our knowledge,

The Allianz Group is one of the biggest Insurance Company with the best solvency ratios in the world.

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